Sunday, March 9, 2008

whatever happened to...? (90s zine edition)

So my question today is whatever happened to Dave Mitchell? This Florida-based cartoonist, SubGenius zinester, Stooges fan, and closet Japanese cartoon nerd spent the 90s cranking out fun comics.


His strip "Barefoot & Pregnant" today sounds like some kind of crazy adults-only site, but it was a hicksploitation comedy about two Florida cracker gals who have adventures drinkin' beer and racin' cars, one of whom has a bun in the oven.


Mitchell had a natural brush inking style that was lush and easy on the eye (my fave is the cover for #2) and he had an ear for comedy Southern dialog that achieves "funny" without "making fun of". He did four issues of "B&P" and I wanna say four issues of short-story comics with titles named after Iggy Pop songs ("No Fun Comics", "Neighborhood Threat Comics", etc). He did comics about how Captain Harlock was really William Lee Harlock from Arcadia, Florida, about the printing industry, Bumper Sticker Theater, "Bob", you name it.

Mitchell, along with "Rev. Dr. Atomic Boy", also published HEADLINES, a dada collage magazine concerning the SubGenius ritual of "The Launching Of The Bleeding Head of Arnold Palmer".

In the late 90s he started doing a regular strip for the free music monthly INK 19, but after 2001 he vanished from the newspaper and from the world at large. What happened? Did he get married and get a career and quit cartooning? Was his drawing hand maimed in an industrial accident? Did he find Jesus and forswear his former sinful ways? Was he in Tower 2 on Sept. 11? Inquiring minds want to know! Come back Dave Mitchell! The world needs more Daves!

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Anonymous said...

Dave Mitchell here. Still alive and well. Scaled my output way back after Ink 19 went online-only & doing the "Kill City" stuff became a pricey hobby. Do a bit of "fine art" now and then, and still trying to find a way to get this cartooning thing going. Most recently was a top 10 finalist in the Washington Post Cartoonist Search.