Tuesday, April 19, 2011

consumer electronics price war

A few weeks ago we were out in the hinterlands and hey, there's a familiar sight:


A RCA Selectavision video disc player, AKA a "CED" player. CED stands for "Capacitance Electronic Disc" and was a home video format that flared up briefly in the early 1980s, much like a rash or some kind of epidemic. I bought mine at a pawn shop for five bucks and have had it ever since, enjoying the wide assortment of pan and scan feature films that litter the landscape of junk shops and flea markets at widely varying price points. It's a technological curiosity but quite useless these days; most films are available in other formats that are much better looking and much more convenient.

One thing the RCA Selectavision is NOT, is a laserdisc player.


But don't tell that to the crazy grandmas who price things at antique malls, who seem to think this useless boat anchor is worth fifty-five dollars. Good luck with that, chief.

On the other hand we did see this crazy looking rabbit!


Sure, $25 is probably too much for it, but it sure is crazy lookin'. Maybe HE priced that Selectavision.


(objects were seen at Market Road Antiques and the St. Jacobs Antiques Market, both in St. Jacobs.)

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