Thursday, March 5, 2015

my 2015 events

I try to work up one of these posts early every year as a reminder to myself of events perhaps of interest. Usually these are antique/nostalgia/kitsch shows or record shows or comic shows (I prefer the shows that are more about actual comic books and less about celebrities or costumes) and the couple of Japanese animation conventions I attend mostly to screen weird clips and 40 year old robot cartoons.

There's a terrible habit of Ontario shows, at least the antique shows we like to hit, where the vendors are all packing up at 2pm to be out the door by 3pm. Well, first off, many people such as yours truly work crazy hours and aren't up at the crack of dawn standing in line at Tim Horton's. We just aren't. It's a pain for us to drive an hour or so out into the sticks, only to have the dealers all packing up because god forbid they spend an extra half an hour until their set closing time just to maybe make some money.  All I'm saying is these shows should run until at least 5pm, is what I'm saying. Think about it, won't you? Thanks.  And don't even get me started on how we have to drive out into the sticks to find interesting stuff because all the offbeat stores in downtown Toronto have closed and been replaced by condos, trendy gastro-pubs, and real estate brokers. Just don't even go there. And have you tried getting a decent meal out there that doesn't involve waiting an hour for a table at the Kelsey's by the Toyota dealership? Forget about it!


Sunday March 8: Guelph Record & CD Show Haven't been to a show in Guelph, not far away, a nice little drive, maybe worth it.

Sunday, March 29: Toronto Downtown Record Show these guys have been putting on a show at the Estonian Hall for years now. A good show, prices are a little north because vinyl is hip now or something.

Sunday April 12: Kitchener Collectibles Expo Never been to any sort of show in Kitchener. Might be worth the trip.

Sunday April 19Toronto/Mississauga Musical Collectables - Capitol Convention Centre  I've been to a few of these and there's usually a pretty good mix of stuff and prices aren't too bad.

Sunday April 19: Toronto Comic Book Show  We went to a mixed card/comics show here in '13 that was like 75% sports memorabilia. Who buys that stuff, and why? If this one's 100% comics we might give it a shot.

Sunday May 3: Ancaster Nostalgia Show & Sale  - This show has a good mix of stuff and prices are generally OK. Not too bad a drive either. 

May 9-10:  TCAF It's downtown, it's jam packed with amazing comics, it's free. Beat that.

May 22-24: Anime North  I'll be doing a bunch of panels and ANIME HELL

Sunday May 31: Ancaster Collectorfest

Saturday July 25 & August 29, Innisfill Roadshow Antiques North Outdoor Sales Event - 9-5pm at the Innisfill Roadshow Antique Mall. This is that antique mall on the way to Barrie. The mall's kinda picked over but some good stuff might be out in this open air thing. Their website isn't working.

Saturday Sept. 19: Aberfoyle Fall Special Saturday Antique Show Aberfoyle is a fairgrounds show on the way to Guelph. Sometimes the pricing here is nuts.

Sept. 24-27: Anime Weekend Atlanta I'll be doing a bunch of panels and YES ANIME HELL at this show in Atlanta, which I helped start 21 years ago

Sunday Oct. 18 - Toronto/Mississauga Musical Collectables - Capitol Convention Centre

Probably have to do another one of these in September or October. If you're reading this and know of some shows I should mention, let me know!

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