Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 events for us

Every year I try to put together a calendar of shows and sales and events that are of interest, just to have 'em all in one place for my reference. Here's 2017!

Jan. 22 - Woodstock Nostalgia Show & Sale
Woodstock is a little far for us to get to. Probably won't make this one.

Feb. 5 - Ancaster Nostalgia Show
Ancaster is just the other side of Hamilton and is much more 'doable' for us.

Feb. ?  - Eyesore market, Eyesore Cinema 1176 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON
Eyesore Cinema is doing vendors markets and there's one in February we're going to be at selling Mister Kitty zines and kitschy junk!

Feb. 12 - Record Sale & Swap Meet, Guelph

Feb. 19 - Toronto Comic Book Show
This is the comic book show held at the hotel that hosted a few early Anime North conventions.

March 5  - Ancaster Collectibles Extravaganza 

March 12 - Hamilton Record & Music Collectibles Show 

March 26 - Toronto Downtown Record Show 

May 13-14 - TCAF 
This is downtown and free and we might just drop in!

May 26-28 - Anime North 
Going to be doing Anime Hell and some panels at this one!

June 9-11 - Anime Next
There's been some talk about us attending this show, so stay tuned for further developments. 

July ? - Liberty Village Yard Sale
No date announced yet, but this was a fun neighborhood thing we did last summer and hope to do it again this year.

July 28-30 - Con Bravo 
We missed this one last year but we might swing by this year.

August ?  - Zine Dream
No date announced yet but our intention is to get a table & sell some zines!

Sept 28 - Oct 1 AWA 
Gonna be doing Anime Hell and panels at this one too, obvs

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