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new anime for 1986

This is a translation of an article detailing new anime video releases for 1986, from the long defunct magazine "Globian". Enjoy the confusing, slightly meandering and elliptical descriptions of forgotten cartoon gems of the golden age of the Original Anime Video (or Original Video Anime, if you prefer).

translated by Bruce Eimon
(courtesy Lorraine Savage)

The world of Violence Jack is a world of darkness due to meteors and volcanic eruptions. Huge meteors attack earth and destroy the surface of Japan. Some of the meteors land on and disrupt volcanoes. These volcanoes spring up all over Japan. The sky became dark with ashes and magma destroyed all the green life.A comet hits and destroys the sun. There is anarchy over earth. In the confusion force becomes the only means of justice. Men use violence, women fight back or become suppressed. But one woman is different; Mari fights violence with love.People have to kill to eat. What do we do? We suffer.

GARIAN (Galient?)Garian, which was on TV for a while will have a video that is different. Garian is a historical drama of planet Arsutu; a son avenges his father's death.

This TV series was cancelled. Part III will be the last part not shown on TV. Editor's note: a lot of animation will be cancelled in the next five years due to a glut in the medium.

This is a science fiction school animation. It takes place at a computer controlled school where the headmaster keeps female and male students separated. But three girls start a revolution. The headmaster sends his daughter, Narisu, to settle the revolution. She wears the Powered Protector! What will happen?

This video does not have good quality but it will have fresh, new ideas. It deals with something we're forgetting in life.

This adult animation takes place in the winter. Ami has a love affair with her brother. He hasn't contacted her in a while. He calls her and then dumps her. Depressed, she goes to a friend's apartment and mysteriously gets sucked into a doorway!

How different can this be from the long running show?

This original video is 30 minutes and different from the series. It will be out in September 1986. The video is a side story about Emi's summer vacation. Nothing exciting happens and there are no new characters.

This was a very minor comic that made it into video anyway. In the future, a transportation truck is in an accident and a combat robot M66, escapes from the truck. It then goes on a destroying rampage. The main character, Tyufon, is a newspaper reporter who covers the incident.

This too was a minor comic and the video will come out in November 1986. Everyone who orders the video will get a free Gaiba eraser!

Based on a TV video game, will come out in July 1986. It's about a simulation game.

Coming out in Jan 1987. This is past its due date due to the precise, detailed drawings of the guns in the picture. This will be beyond the realm of movies and will have perfect animation.

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This was a laser disc and not very popular, but will be a video. Michi was separated from her friend when they were four years old. Hiroshi was taken away from her. Michi then went on the spaceship, Pink Shock, looking for him. This is a story of a simple obnoxious girl who raises hell. But she's so cute you let her do it and forgive her.

The theme: in our present society, we can hang onto something stable, our value, in this state of confusion. This takes place in good ole California. This is a view of America from a Japanese point of view of the good ole days. It may not be correct.The story centers around a car chase scene. The director was influenced by movies like "Easy Rider" and he wanted to use 70s music. The movie also reminds him of "Close Encounters" but it's not a science fiction movie. Yet... The cars chase for the gift from the UFO-- but the director won't tell us what the gift is.

A girl has magical powers and goes into another world. There she becomes queen and fights evil.

REM 2 (Dream Hunter Rem?)
A story about the psychology of adolescence taking place at a girls' boarding school.

A girl likes motorcycles, but not wild riders, just the motorcycles. You'll like this video if you like motorcycles.
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Two people do not keep their promise and break their trust, and live unhappy lives because of it. Two keys of the story are the ghost ship and the bird of red light.

This X-rated video is about Riyon which is supposed to be the most beautiful planet in space. It is peaceful and has never been attacked before. The queen of the eastern kingdom Flare will marry the king of the West to unify the two. But a force from another planet comes, led by emperor Gurode, and attacks. Flare gets captured by the Gurode forces. Her servant gives her body over to be tortured to save Flare. Gurode's forces have the latest mechanical weapons and most of the men get killed.

In this R-rated video, Rumi is a high school girl by day and operates a telephone club by night. She meets a guy with strange powers; when he gets excited he turns into a monster. She likes him because he's like her; he has two extreme lifestyles. The other girls at school get jealous of Rumi.

This video was originally planned with three girls but went to seven because it was so popular. The enemies of Gall Force, the Paranoid, are totally different life form. They are under combat with their female race, the Soulnoid, and have advanced technology.

This science fiction spectacle is like Alice In Wonderland. A girl gets sucked into another dimension and meets a rabbit. She goes through into a new and different world.

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They are looking for perfect soldiers and trying to get a certain type of material.

The most important character is the moving city, Naruhisu, riding on a giant turtle.

This adult film uses singing idols as voices to attract people to these type of dumb movies released in summer.A gangster in a small city accidentally saves the life of a young witch, Betty Valentine. She married him as thanks. Her grandmother tests them to prove their love. Meanwhile, Betty must kill the person who killed her sister.

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This is a horror movie. Most foreign movies spend a lot of time on art but in Japan we spend a lot of time on characters. This movie is an exception. It will concentrate on art.In a space ship people are paranoid, a giant silhouette approaches. No attacks upon it works, people scream...

This is a complex story centering on Nayuta. Her parents are killed by aliens and she has to find her place of comfort. This story has love, sadness, adventure, and fantasy.

The main girl is cute and the guy is handsome and strong. They must fight an organized mafia type called Furado. Everyone has a head meter which shows their level of power. The only person who gets an infinite sign on his forehead is one with infinite power, who is the leader of the Furado, named Furaodia Lee. Kei, on the good side, has a meter reading of 5, which is low. Yet he really is powerful.

There is a distinct difference between the city in the sky and the city on the ground. The ground city has inefficent technology. Laputa, in the sky, has efficent machinery. But Laputa gradually decayed and lost its power.

This movie is a big spoof with nonsense animation. It's sure to be a big hit. 

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